Shandi Greve Penrod.

Strategic Communications Professional. Creative Journalism-Style Writer. Problem Solver. Innovative Thinker. Lunchtime Yogi.

Shandi Greve Penrod is a savvy strategic communications professional who likes to take ideas apart and put them back together in new, more effective designs. As a writer, Shandi has a down-to-earth, conversational style that her readers find to be accessible, thought-provoking, and amusing. She is currently an M.A. candidate studying Communications Management at Webster University, though she’s also a lifelong student who regularly studies cutting-edge communications campaigns, strategies, and tactics.

Specialties: Creative Journalism-Style Writing • Digital PR and Marketing • Content Development • Publication Coordination • Social Media • Graphic Communication • Content Marketing • Media Relations • Communication Strategy and Planning

With a strong background in public relations, marketing communications, new media, graphic communications, publication coordination and design, content creation and writing, and online marketing, Shandi has helped several brands step up their communications game and develop and implement innovative and creative strategies that persuade and engage audiences and expand brand awareness. To connect with Shandi Greve Penrod, message her on LinkedIn, via Twitter @ShandiGP, or through the Contact Page.


“Shandi currently serves as a freelance writer for my company, but she has been directly employed with my company in the past. She was a part-time employee while she was attending college. Her responsibilities were vast, but most of her duties were writing and promotions coordination. Shandi is a dedicated, reliable employee with excellent professional skills.”

Holli Martin, President and CEO, Hype Creative Marketing and Public Relations

“I worked with Shandi for several years. We collaborated daily on shared tasks and jobs, sharing information and expertise. Her writing skills helped me to improve my own. She often helped me with technical skills while never losing her patience. In a job where juggling multiple tasks is important, Shandi learned to prioritize and get the job done.”

Vera Emmons, Administrative Assistant, Congregation Shaare Emeth